request information at university

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request information at university

Post by Archived Topic » Thu Dec 27, 2001 6:03 am

Basically I have no idea how to write my letter, what i need to ask is the following:
wether im allowed to sit for the exams although i haven't been a regular student.
I am not sure if I should explain the reason... I've been away of the country for a long time.
What are the possible dates
Which one is my actual situation in university.
i hope someone can help me out with this.
thank you for your time,

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request information at university

Post by Archived Reply » Thu Dec 27, 2001 6:17 am

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to regards to if you could assist us in sending out a representative from your college to talk to our youth department at church about financial aid and admission to your college if you are interested please respond in our returnable envelop as soon as possible. thank you so much for your time and effort.
Cordially, The Youth Department
at Mt Olive Missionary Baptist Church

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