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Post by Archived Topic » Wed Dec 26, 2001 9:25 am

I was asked to write several essays at University.My professor told me that they were good but too basic. Could you help me with rewriting them? I am pressed for time, so please do it as soon as possible. (Lenght about 150 words-each).

Every national group has its own favourite food.

Food is very important in every national group. People from countries all over the world want to have their own traditional meals, they can be proud of. Long time ago most British dishes were overcooked vegetables, greasy sousages or boring sandwiches. For a lot of people eating was something that they had to do to survive. But things have changed. Food has become very important in Britain. TV cooks are even more famous then writers, and their recipe books are bestsellers. Traditional British restaurants serve good meals at low prices. Supermarkets are full of exotic ingredients, sauces, pasta, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. People from this island love all kinds of international food.The most popular is pizza. Every nation has its own traditions connected with food, but there is not enough time to make it. In fact, delicacies from microwave are the most popular.


Beginnings seem to be the hardest time in one‘s life. Every teenager remembers his or her first day at school. Feeling lonelyand having no friends is a very bed experience. It is hard to find somebody to talk to. Everything what is new is very strange and alien. At the beginning nothing is easy. Not giving up is very important because,for example, kissing for many people is very difficult, but every time they do, it gets easier and easier. It happens that when we do not have a good start in some domain of life, it turns out to be a success. Good advice, is to take everything easy. Not carrying about failures gives us more power. Positive thinking can make miracles, and helps us to face all problems, even if something seems to be hopeless.

Linguistic Diary

Every single student has problems with school. I do not know anybody who can say that all subjects are easy for them. Life is hard, and we have many difficulties to go through. I will never forget my first phonetics class. I was scared to death. My teacher was talking vary fast, and I was not able to take notes. I could not even understand what he was saying. I looked around, and I noticed that I am not the only one seems to be lost and cannot keep up. It made me feel a little better, because I realized that there is nothing wrong with me. As a matter of fact, I still have problems with this complicated subject. I do my best to understand it. Buying books, asking for help or even studying whole nights is not enough. I try not to give up because hard work has to bring effects some day.

Soap opperas

Nawadays, soap opperas became one of the most popular kind of a movie. Old peple can watch it all day long. They have nothing to do, so they try to fill their time watching TV. Subject matter is very easy because it is destined for people with low intelligence. The scenarios are almost always the same. A beautiful girl falls in love with a charming young boy. Unfortunately, he loves somebody else. She is so desperate and desides that she never stop fighting for her prince. Everybody talks about soap opperas. People make fun off them. They say that they can actually say what is going to happen in the next episode. Everybody knows that these programs are not valuable, and watching it, is just a waste of time. The funny thing is that they still watch it and forget how hopeless they are.


Jewellery has always been present in one ‘s life. During ancient times this kind of an ornament used to be a symbol of power. If a ruler had many different kinds of it, it was a sign of his high position in a society. In our times we can also see this phenomenon, for example, judges wear large, gold chains with the eagle on their necks, which is suppose to show their authority. Sometimes people have jewellery just to expose how rich they are or it makes them feel better than others, who cannot afford it. These expensive gadgets are great gifts. Giving it to a person that is special for us is the best way to show how much we love our second half. It is not important how expensive it is, but what we want to say by that. Everybody loves to get presents like that.

Pawe³ from Poland
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Post by Archived Reply » Wed Dec 26, 2001 9:39 am

Pawe(?): Your professor needs to be a little more specific as to what he wants. I briefly scanned your attempts and they seemed to contain a fair amount of material and insights. Spelling is not very good! Do you have a spell checker on your computer's writing program? Anyway, ask the professor for a specific example of what he wants in an essay. Have you looked up essay writing? There are generally formats that you should follow, i.e., thesis sentence/paragraph and then explication.

Leif, WA, USA
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