Business idioms

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Business idioms

Post by Wizard of Oz » Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:33 am

There is a useful list of English-language business idioms to be found here. The list can also be downloaded as a single file.

The description reads:
"English idioms are the often silly phrases that all English native speakers use - that frequently have no meaning at all to non-native listeners. But, idioms tend to be interesting, so many students of English enjoy studying them and they WILL help students understand what is being said".
Some examples are:

ante up, bang for your buck, bean-counter, cold call, gravy train, heads will roll, pad the bill, red cent, sweetheart deal, the bottom line, two bits.

[This posting is adapted from material originally contributed by our member Wizard of Oz, whom I thank for drawing this resource to my attention -- Forum Admin.]
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