† Oxford Modern English Grammar: Bas Aarts

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† Oxford Modern English Grammar: Bas Aarts

Post by Edwin F Ashworth » Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:41 am

The Oxford Modern English Grammar: Bas Aarts - Oxford University has been published this year.

In the review by Victoria Selwyn at http://www.sfep.org.uk/pub/gen/br/edgui ... rdgram.asp, she endorses Aart's statement ''the grammar of a language is shaped over time by the speakers of that language, not by self-appointed individuals or learned bodies'':
"That is as it should be: gone are the days when grammarians could prescribe ex cathedra, backing up their pronouncements with invented examples."

Selwyn does however list two drawbacks:

(1) terminology, layout and development are not too user-friendly, and one needs to read through the grammar rather than dip into it to check on various topics
(2) [at 410 pages] the treatment of the subject may be insufficient.

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