Letter to a high school student re: college

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Letter to a high school student re: college

Post by Archived Topic » Tue Dec 25, 2001 9:39 pm

As your high school days rapidly come to an end your college days will quickly begin. I sure hope you have already made the decision to further your education. I have thought long and hard about how to encourage
you to start college early and the only way I see suitable is to give you some insight into some of my past experiences. This letter is not meant to be a life lesson. It’s just a story of one students’ regrets.
During high school, I didn’t embrace what hard work and perseverance could offer me. With no determination, I drudged through school without understanding the consequences. I thought little about college and was
under the assumption that finding a career wouldn’t be difficult. Regrettably, I was wrong. Even though I did obtain a promising profession in the medical field, I moved through the ranks too quickly and found myself, after ten years, yearning for something more stimulating. At
twenty-seven years old, I’ve had to start from the beginning. Only now, life is a little different. Instead of enjoying my college years of friends, parties, and lasting memories, I now work full-time, study, and spend what free time I have with my husband and six year old daughter. Life seems so much simpler when other people aren’t relying on you.
As I began college, I soon realized, that all the information I gathered in high school, which I considered “useless”, was forgotten. Not only have
I had to start over physically but mentally also. I’ve had to re-educate myself on the basics of simple grammar and writing style. However, all is not a loss, with my experiences and regrets I have learned to appreciate
knowledge and thirst for it now, ensuring a brighter and more comfortable future for myself and family.
Your future opportunities rely on how well you perform in college. It is extremely hard work with a great deal of studying, note taking, writing, and most important, responsibility. Nevertheless, it has endless rewards for
you and your future family. If you take one thing away from my letter, let it be “Don’t wait!”. Get all you can out of college while you are still young and carefree. But, don’t forget to have a little fun along the way and good luck in your awaiting future.

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Letter to a high school student re: college

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can i see an example of a asking letter
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