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presidential coinages

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2005 4:58 pm
by dalehileman
I would like to share the following from aldiboronti at ... 3043.topic

* administration (Washington) * caucus (John Adams)* lengthy (John Adams)* lengthily Jefferson)* belittle (Jefferson)* muckraker (Theodore Roosevelt)* lunatic fringe (Theodore Roosevelt)* bloviation (Harding)* normalcy(Harding)* misunderestimate (G. W. Bush)* embetterment (G. W. Bush)

I might add another Bushism: People shouldn't read into venue locations someone's heart

Aftr posting the above I had second thoughts and got nearly a half-million hits on the expression. But isn't venue location redundant

hypnotheoretical is another dandy. See Bushism in Wikipedia