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Where did the Greeks get the word xeno? Does it have something to do with their first encounter with eastern people, as in sino (Chino/asiatics)? I was reading about Johnny Rocker of the Atlanta Braves and the word xenophobic came to mind.
Submitted by Emmanuel Copiaco (Lansing - U.S.A.)
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XENOS: to the Greeks meant ; stranger, foreign,

PHOBIA: ment "fear of...."

SINO: to the Greeks ment nothing. They wouldn't
know the word.

But try Ancient Indo-European.
ES: ( BE )
NDHERO: (Lower)
ES-NdherO: = "be less then me" = (make a hiss sound
with your lips) XENO = which, after meny generations)
equals XENO!!!!

from Canadian Journal of Linguistics; Carol F.
Justus University of Texas, Wilfred P.Lehman,
University of Texas (emeritus). John Ayto's
'Dictionary of word origins', etc.....
I collect word base origins from several
different sources (including my Hindi speaking
in-laws). Not sure which, exactly, gave me
Es-Ndhero, (pick one) but it was the closest
in sound to Xeno and carried the same sense
or meaning.
Es- may be among the oldest "words" in the
human experience. It is still with us in modern
(ultimate)BE, BE-tabled, BE-timid, BE-real.
Reply from Jim Frederick (Mississauga - Canada)

XENOPHOBIA is an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange. [1900–05; New Latin XENO- + -PHOBIA]
<1909 "Those whose sense of justice . . . is not impaired by prejudice or XENOPHOBIA."--'Athenæum,' 13 March page 325/3>

<1919 Nation 20 Dec. 800/1 "We are often told in criticism of the Nationalist movements in Egypt, Turkey, Persia, and China that legitimate agitation for self-government and democratic institutions is marred by XENOPHOBIA."--'Nation,' 20 December, page 800/1>
(Oxford English Dictionary, Random House Unabridged Dictionary)

Ken G – January 29, 2005
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Jim, did you mean meant or is it just getting late again tonight?
Reply from Sabine Harmann (Elkhorn, WI - U.S.A.)
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