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What is the origin of this word and it is related to origins of the words for "whole" "hearty" and "holy" as I have heard?
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If you consult/believe, you can read:

Health: Etymology: Middle English helthe, from Old English h[AE]lth, from hAl Date: before 12th century

Whole: Etymology: Middle English hool healthy, unhurt, entire, from Old English hAl; akin to Old High German heil healthy, unhurt, Old Norse heill, Old Church Slavonic celu
Date: before 12th century

Holy: Etymology: Middle English, from Old English hAlig; akin to Old English hAl whole … Date: before 12th century

Heart: Etymology: Middle English hert, from Old English heorte; akin to Old High German herza heart, Latin cord-, cor, Greek kardia Date: before 12th century

This would indicate that 'health', 'whole' and 'holy' do seem to share a common root (hAl), whereas 'heart(y)' seems to have a different origin?

What was your source for including 'hearty'?

Simple Simon
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