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requesting funds for a newly organized advocacy group from t

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2001 3:39 am
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Denise Horn USA

I am totaly lost as to how to begin to structure this letter. I have the break down of what the funds being requested will be used for and who, the time frame the monies will be used in, but need a cover letter or it. This is an advocacy group that will the support individuals with all types of disabilities in our mental health system. The letter is to be addressed to the C.E.O.
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requesting funds for a newly organized advocacy group from t

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2001 3:53 am
by Archived Reply
Hi Denise,

In tackling this letter, you might find it helpful to approach it from the viewpoint of your recipient - perhaps along these lines:

Why have I been sent this letter - Who has sent it to me (do both the individual sending it to me and the organisation they represent have a sound track record?) - What are they asking for - Why are they asking for it (does the need really exist; is the reasoning sound and backed up by reliable data; could these needs be met elsewhere?) - Does the request match our organisation's overall priorities and remit (do we have a legal responsibility to live up to) - Can we afford financially to respond in the proposed time-frame - If not, is there a basis for a compromise funding arrangement (possibly involving other partners?) - What would be the likely impact of responding (or failing to respond) on our public image - What would I personally have to do in order to accommodate the request?

You will probably be able to add a few more relevant questions which your letter's recipient is likely to ask himself, on the basis of your special knowledge in this field.

However, I am not suggesting that you need to address all these issues in your letter, but they do cover a lot of the territory you will need to think about. The advantage of approaching your letter in this way is that it forces you to consider the bigger picture, and encourages you to develop a more thoroughly thought-through strategy for the steps that are liable to follow the receipt of your request.

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