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Post by Archived Topic » Fri Dec 21, 2001 9:10 am

Dear Sir,

Contract work in the Middle East

My client is an ISO 9002 certified company with an excellent track record of businesses in various fields such as construction of roads, dams, whole sale distribution, real estate, petrochemical industries, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Transportation etc.etc. They have projects worth over several Million U.S dollars. They sponsor International Companies on specialized fields such as Road construction, construction of airports, seaports, Oil Exploration, Pipelines, Telecommunication fields and IT . The fixed rates of sponsor fee for sponsoring international companies are based on the projects and the total amount of the projects. It varies from 3% to 10 %. Further more my client will sponsor them and will do all the formalities of Government clearances, registration and Visa formalities. If your organization is interested I will introduce and register your organization with my client. Once the registration is done we can discuss about the projects .The projects will be partnership / joint ventures, also build and operate. Please write to me with the area of expertise and brief details about your organization and projects you have had in the past.

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Post by Archived Reply » Fri Dec 21, 2001 9:25 am

Subtract words like 'client' & 'they' for the
company's real name.
State in the first paragraph exactly what you are
saying, it seems to be "We greese the skids for
an agents fee and/or joint venture partnerships."
Your wording should be more diplomatic then mine of
You need not bother with fees or percentages in
this letter, (it's only an introduction).
You should name the country's you done buisness in.
And don't be afraid to flat out ask them for
their resume'.
Reply from Jim Frederick (Mississauga - Canada)
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