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Cover Letter

Post by Archived Topic » Wed Dec 19, 2001 6:32 pm

I am writing this letter to apply for a position as an Advertising Sales Executive. As a candidate with almost two years of sales and marketing experience I am confident that I possess the skills and background necessary for success at this position.

I am a self-starter with excellent time management and problem solving skills. My Bachelors degree's provides me with a strong theoretical framework that compliments my diverse work experience. Because of this I believe I can offer a unique combination of experience and integrity to your organization.

My inquiry is a sincere desire to become an integral part of your team. My exceptional communication skills, determination, and hard work will be beneficial in establishing effective partnerships with clients.

I know I can utilize my abilities and experience to their fullest extent and prove to be an outstanding Advertising Sales Executive. My resume is enclosed for your review. You may contact me at ...
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Submitted by Paul Bozik (Pittsburgh - U.S.A.)
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Cover Letter

Post by Archived Reply » Wed Dec 19, 2001 6:46 pm

Paul, you need to rewrite this. This reads like something out of a book of models.
Any employer would want some detail to back up your assertions. What did you do during those two years? Surely you can mention some of it.
Don't assume that the employer will see all this in the resume - he/she won't get that far.
Try again and then someone will have a go at helping you re-write it.
By the way, it's complements in this sense and not compliments.
Reply from Rufus Miles (Paris - France)
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Cover Letter

Post by Archived Reply » Wed Dec 19, 2001 7:01 pm

I agree with all of Rufus's comments.

As someone who has read more resumes and CVs than you would ever want to read in a lifetime, I can tell you that most professional recruiters will decide within about thirty seconds of clapping eyes on yours whether you seem promising for the post they are trying to fill, and I am afraid yours - as it stands - would go straight into my bin for reasons which will soon be apparent.

You will very often be rejected simply because your background does not match the job specifications, or you do not meet some other gross criterion such as your current location, or the salary being offered in relation to what you are seeking. That is simply an unavoidable conjunction of circumstances.

But in any event you can help both yourself and all potential recruiters by incorporating into your resume one essential feature - a personal profile at the very beginning of the text, immediately under your name and contact details, in which you spend up to about 150 words summarising the essence of who you are and what you offer - your background, skills, personality and significant job-related achievements and qualifications (especially if yours is a highly technical profession).

This is a MUST, in my view. Everything else in your resume exists ONLY TO BACK IT UP!

(Incidentally - your personal profile is well worth memorising so that you will not be stuck for a reply at interview when the interviewer asks you to tell them about yourself. Even though it is on your resume in front of them it will do you no harm at all to repeat it. And make it the backbone of your covering letter, even if you decide to reword it somewhat for that purpose.)

So much for some general essentials!

As to the particulars - be specific, be concise, be accurate, but don't be so brief that you fail to mention important aspects of your background or training in relation to the position you are applying for.

It is impossible for me to make specific recommendations to you about how you should pitch yourself to a recruiter (partly because your resume is not included in your posting, partly because I know nothing about the post you are applying for, or for what kind of organisation), but I would simply comment that your letter contains no evidence whatever which would convince me that any of your grandiose assertions is reliable, and that you focus insuffiently on the requirements of the particular position you are seeking.

Bullshit is the most common currency circulated by candidates - and a worthless one at that, unless you are exceptionally skilled at it and have a longer track record than you possess as a recent graduate.

So avoid it!

My comments may appear prescriptive - sharp, even - but they ought to be helpful even so. If you are in any doubt about my advice, show someone you trust and respect the 'before' and 'after' versions, and ask them which they prefer.

Good luck!
Reply from Erik Kowal (Reading - England)
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Cover Letter

Post by Archived Reply » Wed Dec 19, 2001 7:15 pm

I would agree with the above comments, and emphasize the need for specific details in your description of yourself. One detail in particular is from the line "My Bachelors degree's" First of all, it should read "My Bachelors degree". Secondly, you need to mention in what field you received your degree. Your letter is very vague and generic, when instead you need to reflect both your own skill and your knowledge of the company to which you are applying. Use action words and examples of things you have actually done, rather than flowery self-compliments.

Reply from Julia Larsen (Wendover - U.S.A.)
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Cover Letter

Post by Archived Reply » Wed Dec 19, 2001 7:29 pm

I think, even at just a cursory glance, your letter sounds too artificial or floral. If I were the employer I wouldnt feel too inclined to believe it. Sorry if that sounded harsh.
Reply from Prerona Mukherjee (Pune - India)
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Cover Letter

Post by Archived Reply » Wed Dec 19, 2001 7:44 pm

As all of the above is already true, may I suggest that you don't invest so much effort in complicated verbiage. Keep it simple, direct, and yes, fact filled. Did I mention short? Yes, whenever possible, outside of the facts, keep it short! Remember, the poor sot who does the hiring has to read piles and piles of this trot just to decide who to interview, and unless he works for a VERY BIG COMPANY (i.e. we have a personnel dept.), this is probably on top of an already full work load of non personnel related tasks.
Reply from Sabine Harmann (Elkhorn, WI - U.S.A.)
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Cover Letter

Post by Archived Reply » Wed Dec 19, 2001 7:58 pm

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing in response to your advertisement in the Times Of India for Experience graduates to take up positions as Front line Manager . I enclose my CV.

As you will see from my CV, I have four and half years work experience as an Sales Eecutive in Reliance Infocomm, Mafatlal Softwares and Alkem Labs. This work involved sole responsibility for Bussines in respective area and in RelianceInfocomm handling 29 Agents getting sales of Reliance India Mobile,I believe the skills and experience gained will be a good grounding for a career in your Company. My work experience to date has been in sales field. This too has involved a great deal of customer contact, which has improved my communication skills.

As my CV also makes clear, I am currently studying for a degree in Marketing Studies at Symbiosis University (Pune). I know that a marketing Manager needs to be flexible, able to produce quality work to tight deadlines and to get results under pressure. These are qualities that my experience shows that i possess. My degree in English taught me to put across a pursuasive argument and how to employ good communication skills in any work environment.

I am a good organiser and have developed leadership skills and responsibility through my voluntary work with my church. I always work hard to achieve my Goals.

I would be most greatful if you could consider me for Front line Manger in your company.

I am available for interview at any given time and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Suhas Kale


Opp Jain Derasar, Sector-3,
Shree Nagar, Thane (w).
Email id:

Objective: To seek a rewarding and challenging sales career in the Organization where I can utilize my full potential & skills I have acquired through my education and experience.

Work Experience:

1.Organization: Reliance Infocomm Ltd [Ma Foi Consultants Ltd]
Job Profile: Sales Executive
Duration: Since 11/12/2002

Job Responsibilities:

· Getting Building Acquisition for laying of Optic Fiber Cable
· Selling CDMA- Reliance India Mobile
· Handling 29 Agents and getting sales from them

In the respective area given to us, I have surplus the target given to me.
In Building Acquisition as well as selling of CDMA mobile phones.

Reference: Area Manager Pradeep.Salgaonkar Ph No-31010466
Zonal Head Ajit Kapur Ph No-31010414

2.Organization: Business InfoTech
Job Profile: Sales Executive
Duration: Apr 2002 to Dec 2002
Job Responsibility: Selling of B2B and B2C Portal.

3.Organization: Mafatlal Software Ltd
Job Profile: Sales Executive
Duration: 02/01/2001 to 26/03/02
Job Responsibility: Selling of Software like Medical and Marriage Bureau.
Achievements: got website order.

4.Organization: Alkem Labs Ltd
Job Profile: Sales Executive
Duration: 14/02/2000 to 30/12/2000
Job Responsibility: Promoting Medicine to Doctors
Achievements: Reward for the Sales talk and for achieving target for the Quarter.

5.Organization: Nishigandha Enterprises Ltd
Job Profile: Sales Executive
Duration: 02/01/1999 to 13/02/2000

Handling Production, Marketing , Billing and Quotations of Telecom products like Vandal Proof, Coin validator, PCB Mfg and Plating.

Education: -

Degree Year University
*PGDBA Currently Studying Symbiosis Pune
B.Sc (PCG ) 1999 Nagpur

Software Knowledge:

Operating System : Windows 98/2000.

Languages : C, Java.

Web Tools and
Technologies : HTML, DHTML, VB Script , JavaScript , ASP , JSP.

Personal Details:

Name: Suhas. Kale

Date Of Birth: 23/12/1975

Marital Status: Single

Hobby: Cricket, Swimming, and Football.

Languages Known: English, Hindi, and Marathi.

Extra Curricular Activities:

1.President of Rotaract Club (Youth wing of Rotary Club)
3. Represented College in Football and Cricket.

Yours Sincerely,

Suhas Kale

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