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Post by Erik_Kowal » Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:43 am

Her waters had just broken, so a man rushed his very pregnant wife to the local hospital.

The doctor examined her and told the couple it would be a rather difficult delivery. He therefore offered to let them try an experimental procedure: the woman could be connected to a machine that would transfer some of the pain to the baby's father, thereby reducing her own.

The man quickly agreed. However, the doctor warned him that the machine still had a bug which caused it to amplify the pain sent to the father tenfold, so if the pain became too much to bear he must let the doctor know at once.

The doctor turned on the machine and watched the husband for any adverse signs. But he said he felt absolutely fine, and could take more pain. So the doctor turned the dial up to 40, 60, 80, and finally 100% of the original pain level, times ten.

Meanwhile, the woman delivered the baby just as painlessly as promised; however, the doctor was staring at the stoic husband, astonished at how he had not even flinched, regardless of the frightful level of pain that had been inflicted on him.

Shortly after the birth, the couple left the hospital and took their new baby home.

On their arrival back at the house, an unexpected sight greeted them. There, on the front step, lay the mailman — stone dead.

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