Service call

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Service call

Post by Erik_Kowal » Fri Dec 18, 2015 4:50 am

The manager hired a new secretary. She was young, sweet and polite.

One day, while taking dictation, she noticed his fly was open. As she left the room to fetch some stationery, she courteously said, “Oh, sir, did you know that your barracks door is open?”

He did not immediately understand her remark, but later on he happened to look down and noticed that his zipper was open.

He decided to have some fun with his new employee.

When she came back into the room, he asked, “By the way, Miss Jones, when you saw my barracks door open a few minutes ago, did you also see a soldier standing at attention?”

The secretary, who was quite witty, replied, “Why, no sir. All I saw was a shrivelled, disabled veteran sitting on two duffel bags.”

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