A medical tale

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A medical tale

Post by Bobinwales » Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:31 pm

A friend of mine went to see his doctor and told him that he wanted to be castrated. The doctor was a bit surprised to put it mildly. He suggested that my friend went out into the world for the next six months and, to be frank, put it about a bit and see how he felt then.

After six months he went back. The doctor asked if he had done as he had suggested. My friend told him that he had and that he had had a fantastic six months. "So" said the doctor, "You will have changed your mind then".

"No indeed!" my friend told him, "I am more determined than ever to be castrated".

Everything happened rather quickly after that and one day my friend woke up in his hospital bed feeling very strange after his operation.

When he came right out of it, he was still feeling extremely odd in a very tender area but he started to chat to the bloke in the next bed anyway. "What are you in for?" he asked.

The bloke said, "Oh nothing much, I just came in for a circumcision".

My friend thumped the bed with both fists and said, "That's the word!"
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