April 1 Headlines

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April 1 Headlines

Post by Ken Greenwald » Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:34 pm

NPR April 1 headlines:

— More Teens 'Going Amish,' Shunning Technology

— Penguin Brawls Reported From Shrinking North Pole

— Ford: All New Cars Will Have Air Bags For Cats and Dogs

— Facebook App Lets Friends See Your Tax Returns

— Biden Out, Boehner In As Obama Shuffles Team

— Limbaugh, Olbermann Plan 'Unity Tour'

— Six Surefire Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercising Or Eating Right

— House, Senate, White House Agree On Budget

— Men Of NPR: The Calendar

— Internet Goes Down. Experts Advise: Reboot

— Five Reasons Pink Slime Is Good For You

Ken G – April 1, 2012
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