To D or not to D?

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To D or not to D?

Post by Erik_Kowal » Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:02 am

A middle-aged couple were having dinner at an expensive restaurant. The wife excused herself to powder her nose.

On the way back to her seat she was amazed to see a remarkably attractive young woman stooping over their table in the midst of giving the husband a passionate kiss. As the wife approached, the young woman quickly disengaged herself and exited the restaurant.

The wife gave her husband a blazing glare and said, "Who the hell was that??"

"Oh," her spouse nonchalantly replied, "that was my mistress."

"What! Now, that's the last straw!" retorted the wife. "I've had enough! I want a divorce!"

"I can understand that," replied her husband evenly, "but just bear in mind that if we divorce it will mean no more shopping trips to Paris; no more wintering in Barbados; no more summers in Tuscany; no more Infinitys or Lexuses in the garage, and no more yacht club; but of course, it's entirely up to you."

Just then, a mutual friend entered the restaurant with a gorgeous babe hanging on his arm.

"Who's that woman with Jim?" asked the wife.

"That's his mistress," replied her husband.

"Well... Ours is prettier!"

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