get your own back

We've created this area in the hope of seeing material ranging from some well-told (or well retold) jokes to original writing with a humorous slant, or anything else that might appeal to the kind of person who enjoys playing with words more than people. That probably means someone like yourself. N.B. -- Postings preceded by ** contain some sexual or risqué content. (Makes them easier to find.)
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get your own back

Post by Ken Greenwald » Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:01 am

Get Your Own Back

The statues of the male and female nudes had stood in the park for ages. One day they were struck by lightning and a booming voice called from the sky, “You can come alive for one hour.”

The statues jumped off their pedestals and ran into the bushes where, for the next hour, came sounds of moaning, groaning and grunting of pleasure. “Shall we do it one more time?” said the male statue to the female statue. “Yes, oh yes! She cried. “This time I will hold the pigeon and you can shit on it.”

Ken – January 19, 2012
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