A lesson in efficiency

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A lesson in efficiency

Post by Erik_Kowal » Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:15 am

One weekend four married friends went golfing. When they reached the fifth hole, the following conversation developed:

First guy: "You have no idea what I had to do to be able to go golfing this week. I had to promise my wife that next weekend I would paint every room in the house".

Second guy: "That's nothing. My wife forced me to promise that I would construct her a new pool deck".

Third guy: "Man, you two had it easy! I had to promise mine I would totally remodel our kitchen".

As they progressed through the hole, they realized that the fourth player had not uttered a word. So they prompted him, "You haven't told us anything about what you had to do to be able to come golfing this weekend. What's the deal?"

"Well," replied the fourth guy, "last night I set my alarm for 5:30 this morning. When it sounded, I shut it off, gave the wife a nudge and said, "Golf course or intercourse?" And she said, "Don't forget your sweater".
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