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Stephen Hawking

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:40 am
by Erik_Kowal
I was reading a thread on Quora just now on the theme of inappropriate behaviour shown to people with disabilities, and was particularly tickled by this little exchange:
Ross McMillan
This reminds me of an occasion I read about where someone was with Stephen Hawking in a public place around the time his book "A Brief History of Time" was released. A woman came up to Hawking's companion and said "Does he know he wrote a book?"

June Fletcher
I would love to know Hawking’s response. He has a keen sense of humor.

Michael Wisniewski
This may be where even Hawking, with his super brain, great understanding of infinity, of the smallest and the largest things in the universe, the beginning of time and maybe even its end … can have only one response: being totally stunned and unable to utter a word. This is stupidity incarnate, Hawking could not have imagined this to be possible!

June Fletcher
Oh, I can imagine him coming up with some zingers. For instance, “No, I didn’t know I wrote a book. Would you please tell me what it said?”