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Re: Finger food for thought

Post by Phil White » Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:20 pm

And I do very much appreciate it, WoZ.

I now have almost half of chapter 1 behind me, which is not much, but even so... It is odd, despite the effort involved in deciphering the words, I am still taking in the meaning well, but I am also appreciating far smaller things about Adams' writing. I have always appreciated his wit and magnificent turns of phrase, but the construction of the sentences, the exact words he chooses, the repetitions, all sorts of things at a very low level are gripping me. The subtlety of when he calls his hero "Arthur" and when he calls him "Arthur Dent" are quite magical. Of course, it's easy to over-egg all that, and I will undoubtedly have as much joy from seeing how other authors achieve what they do, but I am enraptured by the conscious awareness of the fine detail in a good author's work.
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