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Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:55 pm
by hsargent
I heard a presentation the other day on NPR. A fella did a doctorate entitled something like "What is life?" He said the conclusion was (and I am sure he was simplifying all of his work) life is to be alive!

After a laugh it did make me think about what is the most basic proof of life is. I knew that plants had to be included.

My hypothesis is there must be respiration. The basic oxygen, carbon dioxide reversible reaction must be occurring. This is true in water also of course.

With the energy of the sun and carbon dioxide (and moisture and nutrients), plants create growth and oxygen is released.

And with oxygen and nutrients primarily energy is created in animal life with carbon dioxide expelled.

I tested the thought with the idea of a virus. What I read was that a virus is not alive because it does not have a metabolism.

I'm sure you folks can speak to my hypothesis or at least have a good laugh at my expense!