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PC to Mac

Post by dalehileman » Thu Jan 31, 2008 5:57 pm

Is it any wonder all those around me are switching from PC to Mac

Outlook also has the nasty habit of sending a file to the recipient before you’re done writing it. This occurs when you’re composing a reply to a correspondent’s message and you perform a save (Ctrl+S). But it also happens at various other times for no apparent reason, so watch out. Your best bet is to play it safe:

(1) Be sure Outlook is closed.

(2) Open Word.

(3) If the Outlook header appears at the top of the window in spite of the fact that Outlook is closed,

(a) close the file,

(b) exit Word,

(c) turn off the computer,

(e) turn it back on,

(g) reboot,

(h) reopen Word;

(4) If the header

(a) is still there, we recommend suicide; but

(b) if not, proceed to the next step.

(5) Write the message in Word.

(6) Proofread it several times to be absolutely sure there are no mistakes, else if you attempt corrections in Outlook,

(a) the file may self-destruct, or at least

(b) all typography will become jumbled, or

(c) the font and background colors will have changed randomly.

(7) Copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C).

(8) Open Outlook.

(9) Open a new file (click on New)

(9) Retrieve it from the clipboard (Ctrl+V);

(10) If the message is now invisible, click on Format and

(a) click on Font and change the color to one that contrasts with the background or

(b) click on Background and change its color to one that contrasts with the font.

(11) Be sure the file hasn’t been corrupted, that it’s all there and that none of the typography nor color has changed; if

(a) it has, return to step (2). But, if after repeating the remaining steps to this point,

(b) the file is still corrupt, it’s time again for suicide, but

(c) it is ok, proceed to the next step.

(12) Go back to Word and close the file.

(13) Save and close any other open files in Word.

(14) Close Word.

(15) Return to Outlook.

(16) Finally, send it (click on Send a Copy).

There, see how easy and friendly is Microsoft programming?

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