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What is a maukin?
Submitted by Mr Nobody (ada - Afghanistan)
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Post by Jonathon Green » Tue Feb 09, 1999 8:00 am

The only word I can find that is remotely relevant is 'malkin', of which 'maukin' is a variant spelling and which is thus defined in the OED:

† 1. Used as a female personal name; applied typically to a woman of the lower classes, esp. in various proverbial expressions. Obs.
† b. The proper name of a female spectre or demon. (In 17th. c. app. associated with sense 5 a.)
† c. = Maid Marian. Obs.
2. An untidy female, esp. a servant or country wench; a slut, slattern, drab; occas. a lewd woman.
† b. An effeminate man. Obs.
3. A mop; a bundle of rags fastened to the end of a stick; esp. that used to clean out a baker’s oven. Obs. exc. dial.
b. Naut. ‘A joint-staff sponge, for cleaning out a piece of ordnance’ (Smyth Sailor’s Word-bk.).
4. A scarecrow (also fig.); a ragged puppet or grotesque effigy; a ‘guy’. Obs. exc. dial.
5. As a designation for certain animals: sometimes as quasi-proper name.
a. A cat. dial.
b. Sc. and north. dial. A hare.
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