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Post by Wizard of Oz » Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:48 am

.. it is often the way when one travels o/s to have a good giggle at the place names .. or in the case of Wales a good gargle with listerine .. but today I had to look up some info for a mate and had cause to view an Aussie map .. so what do you "foreigners" make of these local Victorian names ..

Boomahnoomoonah .. which shouldn't be mistaken for .. Boomanoomana
Mudgegonga & Gringegalgonga & Tawgonga
Carapooee and Carapooee West
.. and one that must have been named by a Welshman >>Whanregarwen

.. and the idle use of compass points and spatial conundrums ..
Yabba North & Yabba South but no Yabba
Mooroopna North but just for greater clarity Mooropoopna North West
Bamawm & Bamawn Extension
Lurg & Upper Lurg
Tallangatta & Old Tallangatta
Great Western

.. and if we say it twice people might understand ..
Terrick Terrick .. not to be confused with .. Terip Terip
Carag Carag
Ghin Ghin
Nug Nug, Mia Mia, Wal Wal & Gre Gre for the spelling challenged ..
Budgee Budgee
Bung Bong .. aha just thought I could catch you out on that one

.. and of course just to bring us back to a sense of sensible names we have liberally sprinkled on the landscape good solid place names from the old country ..
Bridgewater on Loddon & Woodstock on Loddon .. (just to keep you in the picture the Aussie Loddon can dry up in summer but one could be forgiven for thinking that the following was from the UK >> "The Loddon River rises near Trentham and flows by Glenlyon. It then flows generally northward through Guildford and Newstead, ... )
Maryborough & Landsborough & Goldsborough
Mount Glasgow

.. why did I post this ?? .. a flight of whimsey but also the realisation that place names can reveal the fabric of an area .. the more I looked the more I wondered and in many cases understood who had passed that way, viz Frenchmans, Cornishtown, Welshmans Reef, Highlands, Germania .. can I pronounce all the names correctly ?? .. I doubt it .. and could I have just kept going on .. absolutely !! .. I didn't even get to mention all the classical names and the saints names .. no doubt many readers will identify the same patterns on the land in their own patch ..

WoZ cartographing
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