Effect of one's name

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Effect of one's name

Post by dalehileman » Wed Jan 30, 2008 6:12 pm

Note to Admin:: I will understand if you can't use it as it has a slight though unbiased political implication, yet might qualify by its concern with the effect of his name on a candidate's success. Or if you deem it in the wrong forum, feel free to switch it to another (though I'd be delight if it happened fortuitously to be one listed on Home Page, narcisst that I be, while I am open to any further criticism or suggestion on the basis of Protocol

zm, if you happen by chance to be on this Board also, please don't read the following as it may upset you unnecessarily but thank you sincerely for all your past support

Dear Sirs:

Given a background in psychology, many of us could easily have predicted much of the activity in the Presidential Arena. In the selection of a Maximum Leader subconscious forces far outweigh matters of political judgment. For instance it’s a good guess that Bush was elected principally on the basis of his looks, as after all he is a handsome fellow, whereas my Life Partner Laverne observes that Kerry looks like Ichabod Crane.

The dropout of Kucinich and Edwards was predictable on many accounts: The former is short of today’s Presidential Stature...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_he ... candidates

... and besides has a funny haircut, while in addition his name contains the sounds ”cuss,” “sin,” and itch”. Speaking of the pate, many wouldn’t vote for the latter on the basis of his trim alone. Would you trust the financial acumen of somebody who at one sitting would spend $400 on his locks? As the candidate should present a father figure to the dark recesses of the constituents’ tangled neurons, his youthful appearance may well have weighed against him too.

But for goodness sake, these days who would vote for a lawyer . More subtly, Edwards speaks out of the right side of his mouth–literally not figuratively–while perhaps not evident to the average voter, surely registering subliminally as a look of artifice.

As for Giuliani, while half of adult males are bald, barely 11 per cent of our presidents were so afflicted. Also he’s a lawyer.


Notwithstanding Laverne’s remark that his name carries a hillbilly connotation, The twang may foreshadow Hillary, but the effect of her middle name may outweight her first, on the basis that it suggests a firearm, symbolic of strength. “Huckabee” suggests a character from the works of Mark Twain; whereas “Barack Obama” is almost lyrical. But speaking of monikers, can Gravel loom high on the political terrain?

As for the rest we can’t offer a prediction, but comments are always welcome, while I am dalehileman@verizon.net.

Dale Hileman
Apple Valley

Effect of one's name

Post by MamaPapa » Wed Jan 30, 2008 6:46 pm

Hogwash! "...slight though unbiased political implication.."?? You're kidding, right? This is solely political, but then, I'm not admin ;-) The funtrivia website IS a lot of fun and the effect of names is well-documented in psychology---but your posting deals mainly with other, much more subjective issues than names. I am a Bush-supporter (yes, I said that!) but my vote has NEVER been based on looks. Heavens! He's very UNhandsome, as are/were John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Mike Dukakis, Richard Nixon, and MANY others. In fact, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Ronald Reagan are the more handsome persons who come to mind. That is, my [female] opinion.

Funtrivia can probably tell you exactly how many of our past Presidents and current candidates were/are lawyers---and don't forget Hillary!

By the way, I was named after the "Bionic Woman"--aka Jamie Summers---oh, no, wait...that's a story my mother told me to encourage me in athletic pursuits as a child---That television show didn't come out until 10 years after I was named! Oops! ;-)
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Effect of one's name

Post by dalehileman » Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:15 pm

Hi Mama: Thank you for that but how can you assess your own subconscious attitudes

In the past lawyers were not so reviled. In this day and age the perception owes to media dissemination of their activities

Someone to whom I owe an allegiance and who is a much better judge of pulchritude than I but whom I dare not identify for fear of violating protocol and stirring feathers, concurs that Bush the younger indeed is handsome. Perhaps your reaction actually owes to the subliminal factor

Effect of one's name

Post by MamaPapa » Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:52 pm

While I have become well-acquainted with Laverne's astuteness throughout other topics in this forum, I must humbly disagree. Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. Of the 10 named men above, I would order them in regards to handsomeness as follows:
1. Reagan
2. Edwards
3. Romney
4. Obama
5. Dukakis
6. Carter (back in the day)
7. Bush
8. Kerry
9. Clinton (back in the day)
10. Nixon

Of course, I don't have the market cornered on assessment of handsomeness! Just a young woman's opinion. Laverne's [as well as your] opinions are just as valid. As for names (and trying to leave out policies, looks, marital status, age, etc) I happen to like them in this order:

1. John Kerry ---I like the name John and Kerry reminds me of a big friendly dog
2. Ronald Reagan ---this is very lyrical to me
3. John Edwards ---John again, and very "non-threatening" sounding
4. Jimmy Carter ---Sounds 'boy-next-doorish'
5. Bill Clinton ---Same as 4 (would probably jump another couple spaces had it been "Billy")
6. George Bush ---George sounds "presidential" but Bush, unless written, makes me think Busch..
7. Mike Dukakis ---like the Mike, have to stop and spell the last name...too much work
8. Barack Obama ---on the heels of "Osama" stories the last 6 years...too much rhyme
9. Richard Nixon ---like the name Richard but my symmetrical senses insist the 'x' be surrounded by either 2 'i's or 2 'o's ...
10. Mitt Romney ---don't like this name---just doesn't sound grownup...almost sounds like a pair of poodles

I have tried to give my gut reaction to only the effect of the name...as you've pointed out, it is difficult to assess one's own subconscious. But, please, do not be offended by any of my ramblings...these are only names and my gut reactions to them and are not meant to be construed as indicative of any of their bearers' character or substance.

And just to set the record straight between me and Laverne: I give Brad Pitt a 10, Matt McConaughey a 5, Matt Damon a 7, and Derek Geter a 9---looks here, not names :>) Just to help understand how different from "media-norm" one might be...
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Effect of one's name

Post by gdwdwrkr » Wed Jan 30, 2008 8:24 pm

and Roddamn = rotten

Effect of one's name

Post by dalehileman » Wed Jan 30, 2008 8:42 pm

Mama: Thank you again, well said. But in order for something to be labeled political, wouldn't it have to be slanted, which my discourse wasn't

The burning what? In spite of my predilections for the Brew, the next thing popping out of my head is beating around something

Re Obama, and you could cite in addition his middle name being Hussein. On Nixon, good shot, I can't believe I voted for him

No way could I possibly take offense. I especially like your comment on Mitt and thank you too for citing my better half

You are a young woman, I like young women, and I am dalehileman@verizon.net

Effect of one's name

Post by russcable » Wed Jan 30, 2008 8:51 pm

Since you specified "back in the day" on two of those, I must assume you prefer the way Reagan (who died in 2004) looks in 2008. I agree that you're very different from media norm.

Effect of one's name

Post by MamaPapa » Wed Jan 30, 2008 8:59 pm

russcable wrote: Mama,
Since you specified "back in the day" on two of those, I must assume you prefer the way Reagan (who died in 2004) looks in 2008. I agree that you're very different from media norm.
:-) circa 1982 (the picture from the 39-cents postage stamp I keep framed in my office)

Even more handsome in the old movies...what's a girl to do?
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