How to search the Wordwizard site effectively

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How to search the Wordwizard site effectively

Post by Erik_Kowal » Sat Sep 12, 2020 2:38 am

The summary below is adapted from a description by Wordwizard's site administrator, Phil White.
The programming code underpinning the Wordwizard forum is associated with a few largely undocumented problems with the forum's native search function.

Specifically, the search index doesn't include words of 3 characters or less (where a word like you're, which contains an apostrophe, is counted as two words), but the search function still tries to search for them.

So if you cannot find a thread on the WW site and are convinced that it is there somewhere, use Google with the 'site' filter. Typing the following into Google will give you exactly what you want, e.g.

Code: Select all

"you're welcome"
looks for the exact phrase "you're welcome" on the site The generic syntax is:

where the DOMAIN NAME does not include the www prefix (or any other prefix).

Erik Kowal — Forum admin.

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