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RSS reeds

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:17 pm
by Phil White
The new board has a number of RSS feeds enabled: Active Topics, New Topics and Wordwizard (whole board) in addition to feeds for each forum.

RSS feeds provide a quick way of seeing whether there is anything new on a site from within your browser. A feed will be saved in your browser rather like a bookmark, and you can place this bookmark in your toolbar. Exactly how to do it varies from browser to browser, but in Firefox it is "Bookmarks -> Subscribe to this page" and select the feed you want. To subscribe to a particular forum, go to that forum and then do the same. You should then have the option of choosing to subscribe to that particular forum.

The Wordpress part of the site allows you to subscribe to the Blog. Look for the RSS entries at the bottom of the sidebar.