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The "Musings" blog

Post by Phil White » Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:43 am

Some of you may be wondering why I have put up a blog on the site alongside this discussion forum.

It is intended to give regular contributors the opportunity to ramble on at rather greater length about anything they choose, preferably language-related. Contributions do not have to be deep, or even massively thought-provoking. Quite interesting will do just nicely. The blog is intended to complement the forum, not replace it.

Here is one I put up this evening. I hope you find it mildly entertaining. You can comment on it if you want to. If you are a registered member here, you will already be subscribed there.

So get writing. Bob, how about an article on the reality of living in a notionally bilingual country? Or trolley, what about the oddities of Canadian English? Or tell us why so many Canadians seem to us Brits to have an Irish accent? Or Erik: Why on earth does Wichita exist other than to be a perfect stage for melancholy linemen?
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