Smilies and board update

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Smilies and board update

Post by Phil White » Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:30 am

In anticipation of a major overhaul of the site in the next few months, coupled with a relocation to a new host and the introduction of some new features, I have just enabled smilies on the board. :D

Since people are already using text smilies, and have been for many years, I thought I would give it a go. If we find them intolerable, we can soon turn them off again. After all, like some recently inaugurated pillocks, I have absolute power here. :twisted:

When the new board is up and running, I shall also enable avatars, although I am not certain what method I intend to use for them yet. Should I let people upload their own avatars, or should I force them to use Gravatars, which allow a user to have the same avatar across all their social media sites? Comments are welcome.

Beyond that, I am open to suggestions as to the future of the site. At present, it seems that I will be removing most of the old material from the main site (not from the forums) and incorporating a blog to replace what was the "Members' articles". I don't think the old material is used to any great degree, and it contains nothing that has not long been published elsewhere on the Web, and which is, indeed, far more up to date. :(

We will also be looking at greater integration of social media (single sign-in, sharing on links that work!).
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