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Have you ever wondered why a word means what it means? Or have you ever been surprised by phrases you hear people using? Have you ever thought how language has changed, even in your lifetime? And are you sometimes astounded by the fact that we manage to communicate with each other at all, given that no two people seem to agree exactly what’s right and what’s not?

We have. We do. All the time. And it fascinates us. Which is why we like to talk about it. To learn new things and investigate the profound oddness of language together, particularly the English language. And to go off on tangents, enjoy each other’s virtual company and occasionally annoy each other in a generally good-humoured way.

Our Clubhouse has been around almost as long as the World Wide Web, and some of our contributors have been dropping in since the very early days. It still forms the heart and soul of Wordwizard. We were asking and answering questions about English long before Wikipedia even existed, and many of our old discussions remain a rich vein of information about word origins and meanings. Drop in! Have a look around, enjoy the banter, the wit and the wisdom and, above all, get involved yourself!

In this latest incarnation of Wordwizard, some of the members who have nothing better to do (and there is nothing better to do) will be sharing their Musings about language, life and everything on an occasional basis. All members of the Clubhouse are automatically subscribed to the Musings blog and will be able to comment if they so choose. Members of the Clubhouse wishing to publish their musings should send requests to Forum Admin by private message.

We hope you enjoy your time here and look forward to meeting you in the Clubhouse.